Boiler Used For Industrial Heating

Boiler Used For Industrial Heating

Shanxi Province is located in China's western areas north of the Loess Plateau, the terrain finished solid, rich products. Thanks to energy supply and price advantage of coal, coke, metallurgy, electric power and other coal industry, the rapid rise of the formation of Shanxi coal-based economies of resource-based industries.

Shanxi Province, but had coal and Xing, but also because of the coal and sleepy. According to the report, "2017, Shanxi Province, coal accounted for the proportion of energy consumption up to 84.6%, higher than the national average of 24 percent, it is 2.9 times as much as the global average of Shanxi to 1.6% of the national land area, consuming about 10% of national coal amount. for Shanxi, winning the battle of blue sky, coal pollution can be effectively controlled is the key.

According to the "Blue Sky Battle Shanxi three-year action plan," issued in July this year (hereinafter referred to as "" Shanxi three-year action plan '') planning requirements, by 2020, sulfur dioxide, total nitrogen oxide emissions are lower than in 2015 more than 20%, compared to strive average concentration of sulfur dioxide in 2015 fell about 50%. Among them, 2020, total coal consumption in 8 cities in key areas to achieve negative growth, the province's coal consumption in primary energy consumption share dropped to 80%, the proportion of the province's coal consumption of coal accounts for more than 55%.

According to Shanxi Province Bureau of Statistics latest data, as of the end of August this year, Shanxi Province, the outgoing power 50.67 billion kwh, up 21.1%; the first half of Shanxi new energy consumptive power grid to complete 15.6 billion kilowatts, an increase of 58.2%, new energy abandoned consumption fell 90.6% year on year, abandoned electricity rate fell 10.2 percentage points.

The past two years the province shut down 52 coal mines, quit production capacity 45.9 million tons, subtract coal production capacity of 9.25 million tons per year, the completion of energy-saving 18 million kilowatts of coal-fired power plants, coal-fired power plants province's average coal consumption of electricity of 320 grams per kilowatt-hour of standard coal. In the first half of this year, the province's above-scale industrial Shanxi coal industrial added value increased only 0.8%.

Chemical plant boiler used for industrial heating tube rupture occurs comprehensive analysis: chemical plant boiler tube rupture occurs comprehensive analysis of the chemical plant boiler tube rupture occurs a comprehensive analysis of 1, the degree of harm mainly chemical plant boiler explosion occurs tube boiler pipe explosion refers to the smoke tube, water wall tube and damage to the convection tubes. Boiler tubes, steam, irrigated violation, boiler water shortage caused by a short time, if not handled properly, will continue to expand, a serious threat to the safe production and use of living units. 2, squib Analysis (1) poor circulation caused by blockage boiler tubes, resulting in localized overheating of the boiler and the chemical squib occur. Common cause clogging pipes are: water treatment failed, boiler tubes pollution, a new tube through ball without inspection, there is sand and other debris inside the tube or bring yarn, and other debris off the scale. (2) tube local damage, such as a touch or mechanical damage reaches a local recess, resulting in damage to local wear blowing baffle wall (wall off smoke) partial tube is short-circuited, fly close to the furnace wall tube wear flue-speed localized corrosion and thinning the flow tube, and the like. (3) Pipe manufacturing defects, such as poor quality welding, the structure is irrational, inextensible tubes and the like. Local temperature changes (4) of the pipe is large, resulting in cracking of the pipe, as will water improperly treated, fire, water temperature is low, into the boiler with the boiler water and poor mixing. (5) Slagging not promptly removed, fresh water after improper handling, improper firing uneven heating of the tube, a low water temperature, the mixing pot into the boiler water is not good. (5) Slagging not removed, resulting in uneven heating, water circulation damage. 3, chemical treatment of boiler occurs squib (1) reduce the load to stop blowing, increased water supply, the water level is maintained, and immediately reported to the leader according to the normal shutdown process. (2) water level gauge can not keep the water level, when the water level unseen, should immediately stop the water, emergency stop hearth, but should continue to operate, so that the smoke and steam discharged from the furnace.

Will be different effect of dust, equipment for health is unstable or volatile dust removal systems, pressure boiler used for industrial heating design in the use of flue gas treatment needs to pay attention to the amount of change on different types of Baotou pressure boiler precipitator making use affect the collection efficiency during normal operation, the level of efficiency of the bag is a bag filter, ESP and venturi scrubbers and other equipment. In selecting effective precipitator according to the nature of the selected gas, must be considered when using the gas flow rate, temperature, composition and humidity and other factors, the electrostatic precipitator is adapted to the amount of wind, temperature

On the development trend of low nitrogen boiler used for industrial heating industry Throughout the development situation of China's industrial boilers can be found today launched a low-nitrogen boiler has been adapted to the situation in front of our country to meet the needs of the market reflects its extraordinary advantages. The development of low nitrogen boiler industry also needs to respond to market trends, to achieve changes in the fuel situation and environmental requirements, and continue to improve combustion and combustion of low nitrogen boiler equipment, also contributed to low nitrogen boiler future development trends presented below. 1. Biomass technology to achieve optimization technology, standardization and industrialization of our country through the study of low-carbon biomass boiler combustion technology, students can learn to optimize combustion technology and industrial material, can greatly improve the low nitrogen boiler degree of resource utilization . Quality low nitrogen boiler in use can improve the combustion efficiency of biomass fuels in favor of conventional energy-saving and reliable optimization of energy structure and reduce environmental pollution caused, thereby increasing the biomass technology has become a low-carbon future development of China's boiler industry The inevitable trend. 2. To achieve re-use of waste heat and energy. Low-carbon combustion boiler can cause problems in the heat, and therefore is bound for the combustion characteristics and operating characteristics of low nitrogen boiler, using better membrane wall structure to improve the reliability of the internal heat boiler capacity in the future, thereby but low temperature boiler controls the ability to effectively improve boiler thermal energy aggregation, reduce heat loss caused by the smoke, and the excess heat generated can reasonably use in other areas, such popular with other fundamental binding equipment re-use of the exhaust heat. Low nitrogen boiler technology industry is bound to usher in an era of intensive, systematic transformation to achieve by having excellent, low-carbon boiler businesses will therefore focus on today's technological capabilities, continue to implement the use of environmental protection and new energy technologies such as information, improve low nitrogen boiler through R & D transformation and upgrading property rights of independent innovation to ensure the use of low nitrogen boiler, can bring good technical support for the development of China's industrial boiler industry, protection recycling thermal energy and thermal energy production in our country presents more extraordinary breakthrough.

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Boiler Used For Industrial Heating

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