5000kw gas chips hot water boiler

5000kw gas chips hot water boiler

Recently, Hebei Province issued the Notice on governance oxides of nitrogen gas boiler.

It reads as follows:

Municipalities (including Dingzhou, Xinji) people's government, security male New Area Administrative Committee:

In order to further deepen the boiler pollution control, reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions, improving air quality, win the Battle of the sky, it now follows nitrogen oxide gas boiler notice governance:

First, we attach great importance to understand the situation, do a solid job governance

Nitrogen oxide gas boiler control, is to win the Battle of the sky, to promote an important measure to further improve the quality of atmospheric environment, is to deepen the air pollution control efforts around one main direction, is an important part of governance to deepen the boiler, the province's existing gas 10,790 tons of steam boiler units 37318, 23838 9,932 tons of steam wherein steam 10 tons / hr or less and a gas boiler, substantially free of nitrogen oxides into the process, the nitrogen oxide emissions of about 38,500 tons, the average concentration of about 150mg / m³.

Meanwhile, the province average concentration of nitrogen oxides is high, annual average concentration of nitrogen oxides is much lower than the rate of decrease of sulfur dioxide, haze is generated, among the major causes of the high ozone concentration.

Beijing and Tianjin to the surrounding gas on boiler control arrangements, and achieved initial success, Beijing completed the transformation of low - NOx combustion gas, nitrogen oxide emissions concentrations within 30mg / m³, the total emission reduction of 80%; Tianjin local emission standards promulgated boiler air pollutants, nitrogen oxide emissions concentrations within 80mg / m³.

Localities must deepen understanding, with a strong sense of political responsibility and the courage to act in the spirit of reinforcing initiatives, compaction responsibility to carefully organize governance, and make new contributions for winning the Battle of the blue sky.

Second, focused, clear goals, and win the battle governance

All localities should strengthen awareness of time, reasonable arrangements to ensure on schedule to complete the task, to the end of June 2020, the existing non-electric gas steam boilers, hot water boilers, Stoker stoker furnace and completed the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides reach 5mg / m³, 10mg / m³, 30mg / m³, the new gas combustion boiler synchronizing means and is mounted low nitrogen meet emission standards. 20 tons of steam / hour or more gas-fired boiler to install air pollution automatic monitoring facilities and networking with the environmental protection department, install a distributed control system (DCS system). 20 t steam / hour to install the nitrogen oxide gas boiler exhaust gas analyzer, a field inspection data should be able to provide emission monitoring at least one year.

Before the end of October 2018, more than 10 municipalities should be completed tons of steam boiler low NOx combustion gas transformation stations 383 11 399 tons of steam, before the end of October 2019 completed two-thirds of the total number of units, low nitrogen completed the task of transformation before the end of June 2020 . Please cities combined with the results of the investigation, fill out the "low NOx combustion gas boiler Hebei transformation time schedule", determined by boiler transformation completion time, on or before July 10 will stamp paper and electronic versions simultaneously submitted to the provincial environmental protection hall.

Third, strengthen safeguards, unique strict examination to ensure good results

(A) strengthen the organization and leadership. Provincial Office of atmospheric nitrogen oxides governance into the gas-fired boiler air pollution control evaluation system, the implementation of scheduling monthly reporting system to carry out supervision and inspection, sum up experience, solve problems and promote the implementation of the objectives and tasks. To pay enough attention to promote ineffective, behind schedule reprimand, interviews and even administrative accountability. For failure to complete the task of transformation on schedule, annual nitrogen oxide concentration in excess of the provincial Department of Environmental Protection will suspend approval of the EIA nitrogen oxides new construction project documents in addition to the people's livelihood projects. Localities should also strengthen organizational leadership, the implementation of the task to the responsible units and responsible job, strict accountability assessment.

(B) increase policy support. Formulated "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards Hebei Province," received strict emission limits of pollutants. Governance throughout the project through acceptance of appropriate subsidies in integrated financial subsidies to control air pollution. Simplify the EIA approval process, gas boiler combustion of low nitrogen transformation refer to "construction project environmental impact assessment of Classification Catalog (2017 version)," projects related to the registration form online record management.

(C) to strengthen law enforcement and inspection. All localities should follow a comprehensive air pollution control requirements, supervision and law enforcement to carry out special checks on overdue fulfill the task be ordered to stop production of governance, strengthen the daily supervision of completed projects to ensure stable discharge standards. For excessive emissions, fraud, unauthorized outage environmental protection facilities, waste-water treatment snuck issues such as rectification and punishment according to law; wrongdoing, be held criminally relevant personnel.

(Iv) strengthening quality management. Municipalities and counties should strengthen the technical capacity of equipment manufacturers, project progress, acceptance monitoring, supervision and management of funds, select the technology is mature, with good results, there are success stories of the equipment manufacturers. Strengthen social management of the testing organization, supervision and tissue sampling tests and test results to ensure project quality.

For a long time, Hebei Province as the country's most polluted regions, gray haze is normal people's lives. Hebei Province, north of Yanshan, west of Taihang Mountains, was a famous country poised; but in recent years, due to the production process to run some heavy steel mills, cement plants, thermal power plants and other chemical companies, emit large quantities of harmful substances into the air, Over time, the increasingly serious air pollution, haze follow.

The notification transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, the boiler will be put on nitrogen means lower environmental protection, and promote air governance, Hebei Province, to realize the dream of the blue sky.

Steam boiler performance characteristics: steam boiler Features: 1. Boilers faster horizontal fire tube boiler, refrigerant natural circulation. A boiler drum boiler heat exchange system, the left and right water wall header and composition, the main heating surface of furnace wall, part of the boiler tubes and boiler tubes in the convection tubes. This product consists of five main part of the boiler, flue dust, piping system. The first four members manufactured in a factory, can be transported to the installation site for assembly, shorten the installation period, to ensure the quality of the product installed. 2. Advanced Design Performance: main heating surface of the boiler 20 # low-pressure boiler seamless steel, special steel boiler tube boiler. Left and right header made seamless pipe. three. Boiler refractory concrete arch was destroyed. After another bow low and long, and it will burn well. Flue and side wall are made of bricks. Front and rear wall of the boiler use ordinary bricks made. 4. Exhaust flow and reasonable distribution of large combustion chamber, applicability coal. For a variety of bituminous coal or anthracite, mixed coal. very hot. High temperature flue gas enters the first settling chamber, and then into the flue wings from both sides, before re-entering the smoke box, smoke dust good effect. Simple water cycle, the compression pieces reasonable structure, safe operation of the premise of ensuring water quality. 6. The combustion apparatus is a fast loading grate, combustion equipment manufactured in a factory and installed, transported to the construction site may be mounted directly on the foundation. The present invention has a reasonable structure, compact, low steel consumption, performance, weight, size and structure of the boiler with the same capacity has significantly improved compared to the advantage of domestic products. Boiler work process: a substantially uniform coal particles by an automatic stoker coal thrown into the hopper, preheated before entering the arch in the case of rotating chain grate. Were burned in the incineration zone, fell into the slag pool. The high temperature flue gas produced by combustion of the furnace arch port into the furnace from a lower portion of the rear flue two wings, the wings and then heat the flue, through the forward flow before the packets enter the convection heat transfer tube bundle, then the tail tube boiler and dust entering the economizer section, and discharged to the atmosphere through a chimney to the induced fan. Boiler feed water is supplied by a boiler feed pump, demineralized water supplied by the economizer, and then enters the drum, and then enter the downcomer around header. Endothermic steam is generated by vaporizing water wall on both sides, into the steam within the steam separator drum, after separation, the main steam valve into the process heat required.

Weekly maintenance items which are mainly oil-fired boilers in order to protect the security of the oil-fired boiler conducted its weekly examination is indispensable weekly to check the project are nine. 1, low level shutdown, shutdown test to be performed, according to the control cabinet side panel button, or should be able to simulate the shutdown by the sewage water, low water levels to check .2 shutdown, the valve manual opening Test , .3 to quickly reset, the burner control system and the electric eye to be examined, electric eye photocell taken, should the inner shutdown, and .4 electric eye cleaning, or replacement of the valve packing for filling, eliminate leaking. 5, around the fastening bolt, in particular a gas piping system, if necessary, to leak .6 month to clean the oil filter, the oil passage decontamination boiler fuel, gas pipe line filter .7 every six months to maintain. verification gauge tube and cleaning table .8, maintenance level electrodes, remove, .9 with fine sandpaper, cleaning the flue, generally based on the exhaust gas temperature needs to be cleaned to determine whether, under normal circumstances, exhaust gas temperature at the outlet does not exceed the boiler, measuring flue entrance) represents a too high fouling increase, reduce boiler efficiency, it must be cleaned, especially fuel boiler, to be more frequent cleaning. on the one hand, to the economy consider, on the other hand is also out of consideration (soot on safety thermal conductivity After partially burned prone). When replacing asbestos cleaning pad to the wrong port lap method (anti-smoke Ran), graphite coating, not lubricated .4) boiler repair or inspection, to check manhole, first hole, hand hole nuts can not be loosened, to check the motor rotation (see the end from the fan, turn counterclockwise). oil-fired boiler once per year check valve. conduct a comprehensive overhaul of the boiler serviced once.

Gas-fired steam boiler is an advantage on the device using an environmentally friendly energy-saving: With the designers re-design of mechanical innovation, simple and easy to operate equipment, gas steam boiler is not only relatively simple, and better ensure the safe operation of ; saving advantages: high-temperature low-pressure gas steam boiler with a characteristic greatly reduces the stress levels of heating equipment, less direct advantage is the reduction in equipment investment. Electric heating boiler and the boiler is mainly composed of electric control box and control system. Its characteristics are environmentally friendly, clean, no pollution, no noise, automatic, with limited energy and reduce prices significantly, as a new boiler electric heating boiler equipment increasingly being recognized. Electric heating the core member is electrically heated boiler, directly determines the life of the boiler, to select a non-metallic electrical heating tube (such as a ceramic heating pipe), because it is resistant to the load, a long life, and a water separation structure, the boiler Wing no leakage. Fuel gas boiler is not only fuel but also refers to the gas boiler. Previously no such dual-fuel boiler, burner because either fuel or gas, no dual fuel burners. With the rapid development of the world energy equipment, some European countries begin production and sales of fuel gas burner, dual fuel burner and boiler combination of organic birth of a new breed of boiler - fuel gas-fired boiler. It was also said that the proportion of contact with air, just the right amount of fuel and the amount of combustion air composition in order to achieve combustion efficiency, but also reduce gas emissions and achieve energy-saving dual, very convenient. Gas steam boiler may be configured according to the actual amount of steam required, thus reducing waste of energy. The higher the degree of matching the actual demand and supply theory, better energy-saving effect. Continuous sewage heat can be utilized by a heat exchanger, thereby increasing the water temperature deoxygenated water. Gas-fired steam boilers and other machinery and equipment, more in line with current environmental requirements, so it has been widely used.

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5000kw gas chips hot water boiler

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